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A Transparent Platform

To Facilitate Investment in Myanmar

What is the Myanmar Project Bank?

The Myanmar Project Bank is an open, interactive, web-based platform designed to highlight investment projects which will further the implementation of the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan 2018-2030.

Why is the Myanmar Project Bank important?

The Myanmar Project Bank establishes a predictable and transparent system which links major investment projects with appropriate sources of finance. In doing so, the Myanmar Project Bank provides a mechanism for the coordination and facilitation of national development projects that will ensure a firm foundation for the long-term development of the nation.

How does the Myanmar Project Bank work?

The Myanmar Project Bank helps to facilitate the identification, screening, appraisal and prioritization of major investment projects based on social, environmental, economic and risk indicators and in considering the overall strategic impact upon the achievement of national development objectives.

How projects gain entry

How does Myanmar benefit?

Government benefits illustration
  • A more predictable and transparent system for major investment project identification and development.
  • Greater coordination and prioritization of major investment projects
  • Greater efficiency in the implementation of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Best practice screening, appraisal and prioritization of major investment projects
  • More opportunities for the private sector to contribute to national development objectives

How do investors benefit?

Investor benefits illustration
  • A new framework for Private-Public Partnerships
  • Centralized, publicly accessible bank of ongoing and proposed major investment projects
  • Clear and detailed information regarding strategic, priority, commercially viable, and bankable major projects seeking investors after having passed through a rigorous assessment process
  • Key datapoints such as financing plans, project timelines, status and contact details made available

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